I’m not a teenager anymore, why am I still getting spots?

Look at that beastie on my chin!

So it’s day 1066 of lockdown, I’ve drank a tad more alcohol than usual, our first takeaway since March I managed to eat my weight in Chinese food, in some ways one may have the odd little pimple… However… What the actual F?!

This is a beacon to the mighty Mekon! I don’t need a mirror to know it’s there. No amount of my (mediocre) makeup skills will cover it up – I am self isolating but that’s besides the point! The rhythmic throbbing is not only painful, I can read my heart rate.

Well I shall get back into the green tea, try a face mask, offer a sacrifice and repent my sins. Still could be worse, I could’ve put on an extra stone in 12 weeks – oh shit wait…

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