So lockdown…

What have you learned about yourself? Have you gained new skills in the kitchen? Started growing veg in the garden? Or like me, simply gained weight? Will you continue when all this has settled to some resemblance of normal?

What have I learned? Well…

All those jobs you tell yourself you’ll do when time allows, many after all these weeks are still waiting to be done.

This was the perfect time to get back into yoga, meditation, clean living, go on a spiritual journey 🙄etc. So far I’ve done 0 yoga, meditation has failed as my brain will not under any circumstances shut the fuck up and if by clean living, you mean drinking so much that your bowels will view it as an exorcism, nope I’ve not managed any of this either.

However, I am growing veg for the first time in years, I bake bread several times a week. I found my love of cooking again. I did the “No Poo” challenge (no it’s not as it sounds, besides read the above) and can go 5 days between washing my hair, I mean if this isn’t profound enough for you, this blog ain’t for ya!

My husband and I can be around each other 24/7 and not get on each other’s nerves. We don’t really bicker much but we both work full time, so this was an unknown. However he really hates it when I cook with garlic and I’m cooking a lot more now, so there’s still a chance my lifeless corpse may show up soon with a whole garlic branch up my arse.

He loves garlic really 🤣

And my dogs are in heaven. They love we’ve been home all this time and if I’m honest, despite all the worries in the world, being around them more is making me happy too.

Since lockdown, they rarely leave my side.

I have been furloughed, to which I’m very thankful I still have a job and some income coming in. Plus I am part of the Test and Trace team for Public Health England, so feel, at least in a small way, I’m doing my bit for the country. Also I now have the time for this blog so no excuses now. Maybe even start my book I promised mum I’d write?

But it is the 1st of June, I really should start trying to get my fitness levels up whilst I have the opportunity. I hate running but always feel fab afterwards. Do a 30 day squat challenge maybe?!? Or try doing some HiiT workouts celebs on Instagram go on about?

Yep I will give it a go, right after S5 Ep2 of Babylon 5 and posting another video on TikTok…

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