12 years ago, I jumped off a bridge.

Bloukran Bridge

I was in South Africa on my own after finishing Harry Potter 6. I had also gone through a nasty split from my boyfriend at the time, I was facing the heartbreaking trip to our farm in Normandie to pack my things and bring my animals back to the UK, I definitely needed a holiday. Whilst in SA I hired a guide to show me the area. One famous place was Bloukran bridge, it’s the highest bridge bungee in the world – 216m above the river. I watched a terrified tourist stand frozen at the edge for 7 mins before he finally went, a blood curdling scream as he made the plunge. Fuck that.

My guide, Werner, made a joke as we started to drive away. I don’t recall what he said, probably blacked out as I knew I was about to do something stupid. Came back into the conversation when he asked if I was alright?

“Bring me back tomorrow, I’m going to do it”
“You sure?”
“Yep I’m sure. Please do me a favour, lets change the subject and don’t want to talk about it on my way here tomorrow either”.

I didn’t eat much that night – or the following morning in fact…

Sure enough, as promised, he arrived at my lodge and spoke non stop about everything and anything other than that bridge as we drove.

Signed the waiver.

I was the lightest of the group, so i’d be jumping first.

I made the mistake of asking why take this photo?
Weight and rope number.
Stupidity with fists clenched 🖖

You see despite completely bricking it at this point, (at one point I started repeatedly saying fuck) I had made my decision and wasn’t going to back out. So jumping first meant I had less time to think about what was coming.

The feeling of fear is and has always been my biggest dread. I knew I was safe, this fear was irrational.
I wanted to know if I could conquer it.

I didn’t hesitate.

I can’t describe the feeling off failing 170m before the robe springs you back up, I know I didn’t scream, (hard to do when holding your breath) but that first bounce…I finally understood why people do this, best I felt about myself in years. My stomach would make me pay for it later and it wasn’t pretty. True story.

Want to conquer fear? Never heard of a fracking Hypnotist?

Never let fear hold you back.

Bloukren’s Bridge, Western Cape, SA.

Would I do it again? Would I fuck!

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