I’m a gaming widow.

Logitech G fanboy, the only influence
I’ve had on his gaming.

I knew he was a gamer when we got together, I don’t have that excuse. But bloody hell, the hours dedicated to it, he can play all day, way into the night and only break for food/coffee (if I’ve not made it) and the toilet.

I just don’t have the patience for it. As a kid, the family had a Commadore 64 and a Atari, I remember an “Aliens” game https://youtu.be/sgJbs6EGGXg “One Man and his Droid” https://youtu.be/e8nU4Qk1ZjI “Rik Dangerous” https://youtu.be/zfxES5zAuZ8 And “Hard Driving” https://youtu.be/ftfERePINcI

Then mid 90’s (I think) Mum and Dad returned from one off his film jobs abroad with two games for the Mac (I know, I know all hail PC master race and all that, but we became a Mac family ok!) Sim City and Myst 3 Exile – which is the only game to date I ever became invested in and finished, though did occasionally resort to cheat sheets. Sorry not sorry.

Don’t get me wrong, I do have apps on my phone I’ll still play, Tapped Out Simpson’s, Simon’s Cat Pop time to name a few, but generally will only play for a time, get bored and may not look at them again for months. Stace, he can play on the PC for hours, well into to early hours, only the offer of sex will drag him away, there is a marked difference 😂

He has an amazing group of friends he games with regularly, and during this lockdown they have been spending a lot more together (online of course). I do have to keep reminding myself of their names, as most are known as their online/nicknames. They all try to get together in person at least once a year, usually around Stacy’s birthday, an obscene amount of alcohol is usually consumed. I mean, I actually have liver pains just thinking about it. But the inevitable happens and what starts as a BBQ, ends in a LAN party and this is when I bail out and take myself to bed lol.

House trying Stacy’s VR, Beat Saber playing YMCA 😂

Even as I’ve been writing this post, Stace has been playing (mostly) Farm Simulator. The first photo shows him using his early Birthday present – Logitech G Heavy Equipment Bundle, yes this really is a thing. *Shoutout to Marty for helping me get this. If you would like to get a more complete experience driving a tractor on Farm Simulator, the kit is for sale here: https://www.logitechg.com/en-us/products/farm/farm-simulator-game-bundle.945-000026.html **I’m not getting paid for this by the way, my old rep habits die hard – plus I’m still in contact with a few at Logitech and they’re a good bunch. I have worked with other brands, and it will be a cold day in hell before I ever recommend them. True story 😉

If after reading this you feel I’m whinging, I’m not, well, maybe a little bit but, I try not to make him feel bad. I do take the piss, often, but gaming makes him happy and calm, it’s a little escapism from the real world, I do the same with TV and books. So I am content that there are worst things on the world he could be doing with his spare time, and know if I needed him at all whilst he’s playing, he’d drop the mouse and headset for me.

And though I’m never going to have the patience for gaming, Beat Saber on his Occulas is actually fun…

Yes lockdown has resulted in my joining TikTok.

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