So the whole moisturising thing…

So, I’m going to be honest, I have probably spent a small fortune on various lotions and potions over the years. To reduce oil, breakouts and when I found my first fine line, eye creams, face creams, serums, sprays, you name it, I’ve probably bought it.

So in all these years, have I used any of them regularly to ever use up the product? Have I f@ck.

Latest product to try, to be fair, I’ve no excuses not to finish this sample bottle. It’s anti ageing AND helps with blemishes – it’s like this company read my mind 😳

I shower every morning, (Used to be the evenings when I worked on films) use the shower gel to wash my face, 9 times out of 10 I will never remember to use moisturiser. Don’t get me wrong, I want to, TV and Social Media is always telling me I have to because if I don’t, I’ll resemble someone like Lee Marvin, post “Death Hunt”. A handsome older gentleman but not the look I’m going for in middle age.

I’m now forty, most of those adult years have not included any form of regular moisturising, does that mean my face is f@cked? The closest the rest of my body gets to a moisturiser is in the summer when I add sunblock, and it’s been years since I’ve had more than my arms exposed…

I don’t suffer dry skin, in fact some days it seems as oily as it did as a teenager, this can’t be right in itself but, apart from the odd breakouts and the sweaty look before and after makeup (my makeup skills are a post for another day) does this excess oil mean I’ve dodged a bullet? There’s got to be some benefits of being able to watch said makeup slide off my face before lunchtime?!

Face yoga also seems to be a thing, teachers saying it not only reverses but slows aging and will save you money *as we’ll no longer need to moisturise – or in my case to add to the cupboard, unloved and barely used.

Face yoga – nothing says a challenging wank more.

I am tempted by Botox, you know when it’s done well as people look like they’ve had a great nights sleep. Not a frozen resting bitchface, which is the likely outcome in my case.

Can I, if I make a concerted effort, start now with a beauty routine and not suffer from premature ageing? Or am I doomed and need to accept that no amount of money thrown at this face will reverse years of neglect.

Some sort of clay jizz that’ll give me a temporary face lift and detox my skin…
Though in photos, ladies also have cucumber on their eyes and seem very relaxed. I tried lying down, Floki jumped on my chest and proceeded to lick my face – I guess I need to watch out for the spaniel squits later 🤪

Luckily my husband loves me and the dogs don’t care what I look like. Maybe it’s time to say sod it, I’ve earned every single line and will continue to do so.

However, my massive lockdown arse…

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