Which is better, Star Wars or Star Trek?

Answer: Babylon 5 😉

They just don’t make nerds like they used to.

I have noticed over the years that nerds,(I used to consider myself one) are becoming spiteful bullies. More interested in going on social media and trolling actors and production companies if they hate something, rather than spaffing into a sock with their hand called Leia, after finding a new easter egg on one of their favourite shows.

Come on guys, there’s no need for it. There’s enough trolls on the internet and do you really think your nasty and sometimes threatening posts are going to make executives go “Hell, I maybe making a ton of money but I’m getting some complaints from a small fraction of the audience. Therefore I won’t make anymore of these shows, I’ll sack the actors, rewrite the entire thing to make it more canon”

This could be our time guys. We could show the world we are better than the bullies who picked on us. We are excepting, more tolerant and forward thinking, most of the shows and films we enjoy are offering a future that’s more positive than our present. Can’t we just project that and if we don’t like something, go back to the fun debates we used to have?

Don’t be an angry bully.

wo’ batlhvaD!

So what’s your favourite sci-fi?

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