Meet Leeloo

First night home 05/11/2014

So I’ve have been struggling these last few weeks and I’ve not been able to write. So instead of forcing it or waiting to get back into the right headspace, I’m going to do regular small articles about my dogs (3 days a week) and any other parts of my life that maybe of interest (definitely cabin) Hopefully the routine will help tap back into the nonsense ramblings in my brain 😊

I chose Wednesday for Leeloo for no other reason than its in the middle of the week, and theres no day starting with the letter L. Mondays will be Marley’s posts, Friday will be Floki’s posts – see what I did thereπŸ˜‰

So Leeloo is quite simply my Gary Fisher. If you’re not aware who Gary Fisher is, here’s a link to his Instagram: He was Carrie Fisher’s dog before she passed away, Gary was her anchor. Leeloo is mine, (well all three dogs are but she was my first πŸ˜‰)

When we went to go see the litter, she was the fluffiest and the only puppy who stayed by my side when the others lost interest, yep I fell in love instantly. Her mum is a Speagle (Cocker X Beagle) and dad a Cocker Spaniel (working)

Her name came to me pretty quickly. All my animals since my horse Frodo have had names from popular culture or literature. Leeloo is named after the character in The Fifth Element.

I was working at Gunman Airsoft and doing to odd driving job for AA Dispatch at the time, so she never left my side, went everywhere with me and bonded very quickly.

She’s the first to greet me when I get home. Always on my lap or next to me when I’m sat down, definitely a mummy’s dog 😊.

Can’t believe she’s 6 in September! Where have the years gone!?

Just under 2 and half years ago we almost lost her and we were given a prognosis of 2 years at best.

That’s next week’s post… 😊

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