Marley Monday #2

We are soon approaching the 6 month mark since Lockdown. My dogs, especially Marley, have never been happier, we have been pretty much together solidly for the entire time. When I leave, even just to go to the supermarket, they are livid – I mean, how dare I?!

But I do understand it. They are creatures of habit and love their humans without question, loving nothing more than being fussed and fed regularly.

I do also wonder if they pick up on my increasing anxiety every time I leave home. Lockdown has turned many of our lives upside down and buried worries and emotions have now demanded their time in the sun. My once confident (at least bagging) nature has gone and exposed insecurities that I’m now learning to deal with.

On the flip side, my dogs are the very souls (as well as my husband of course) that are helping me through it. Maybe these emotions, that I always saw as a weakness in myself, have finally been worked through, will mean I’m stronger than before…

“Where have you been?” The look I when I leave the cabin, even for a few minutes.

Meet Marley

Our almost 7 year old Springer.

We got Marley at 18 months. He was a private adoption. We got him as we wanted a companion for Leeloo.

As soon as we got him home we realised there was an issue. He was completely relaxed around me but Stacy and other men he was very nervous. But as soon as I used the broom or mop to clean the floors he would cower and wet himself. Same would happen when we showed him his lead for walks, flat to the floor and pee.

The turning point happened a couple of months after we brought him home. We took him and Leeloo to my parents and at first the same thing happened, Marley cowered as soon as he saw my Dad and Grandad (luckily the nervous peeing had settled by this point). But Dad just sat down onto the sofa and said to Marley “Come over here you daft bugger” and it was like a switch was flipped in his brain and he lept onto Dad’s lap and has not been afraid of men since.

He has turned into a proper cuddle monster.